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State Postsecondary Data 101

Demand is high for detailed information on students’ progress and outcomes through their postsecondary education. Many factors contribute to this increased desire for information, including a renewed emphasis on institutional accountability, interest in consumer information for prospective students and regular inquiries from policymakers to state coordinating and governing boards. State Postsecondary Unit Record Systems (PSURS) are the primary means for gathering student progress and outcomes metrics at a state level. PSURS generate critical…

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State CEOs of Higher Education Need Support to Succeed

Imagine you’re being recruited for a new role. The job description says you’ll be expected to dramatically improve outcomes, find consensus in a hyper-partisan policy environment, and succeed even as critical funding is cut year after year. Do you take the job? Given that daunting scenario, many of us would politely decline. But at a time when state policy success is increasingly linked to student success, economic growth and social…

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