Strong Foundations

Postsecondary student unit record systems are the primary means for states to collect data and analyze student progress, completions, and outcomes. Since 2010, SHEEO has conducted surveys of state postsecondary data systems to better understand the “state of state postsecondary data.” Multiple iterations of the Strong Foundations survey have documented the content, capacity, and effective use of state postsecondary data systems.

Strong Foundations 2018: The State of State Postsecondary Data Systems


Strong Foundations 2016: The State of Postsecondary Data Systems


Communities of Practice

SHEEO’s Communities of Practice project is focused on increasing the capacity and utilization of state postsecondary data systems, and providing a forum for states to work on solutions to common issues with those systems.

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Supporting a System-Wide Student Success Agenda

The University System of Georgia (USG), in an effort to raise statewide degree attainment to 60% by 2025, has launched an ambitious set of system-led student success projects. This work began in earnest in 2011 with the Complete College Georgia (CCG) initiative, in partnership with Complete College America, and has expanded over the last two years to include the Momentum Year, a collection of first-year efforts designed to improve student…

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Making a Case for Using Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) Ranges in State Data Systems

College affordability through the implementation of various financial aid programs has been the goal of not only the federal government, but also of state governments, numerous philanthropic organizations, and many individual postsecondary institutions. Financial aid data, especially metrics regarding unmet need, can be very helpful in determining the effectiveness of financial aid awarding strategies on college affordability. The University of Hawai‘i has developed several metrics around the use of EFC…

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