June 12, 2019

Finding and Using Student Loan Data

by Nick Hillman and Ellie Bruecker, University of Wisconsin-Madison

This blog post outlines several data sources researchers and policy analysts can use to study student loan debt. It covers many of the standard sources to introduce readers who may be unfamiliar with the data landscape. But it also includes some less well-known sources that even the more experienced researcher might find useful for exploring. …

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January 30, 2019

Florida’s Rise to 55 Initiative: Engaging State, Regional, and Local Communities in Discussions of Educational Attainment

by Eric Godin

America faces an urgent and growing need for talent, specifically among adults 25 to 64 with postsecondary degrees or credentials qualified to fill high-wage, high-skill job openings anticipated by 2025. Florida’s Higher Education Coordinating Council (HECC), a council with representation from all sectors of higher education, K-12, and business/industry leaders that helps facilitate coordination between …

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November 05, 2018

Is Statewide Data Worth the Cost?

by Allison Pennington

It’s not unusual to hear calls for “better data” in the world of education, but better data are expensive. It takes a significant, sustained infusion of resources to determine what information will be collected, coordinate thousands of staff across hundreds of institutions to enter that information, build a database to store it, link it to …

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