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Strong Foundations Survey and Reporting

For more than 50 years, state agencies have used postsecondary student unit record systems (PSURSs) data to inform policy and decision-making. Over that time, PSURSs have proliferated and evolved to allow greater collection, storage, sharing, linking, and communication of data. While these evolving systems and their data vary across states, they provide universal value and play a vital role in improving state postsecondary goals and student outcomes.

Since 2010, SHEEO has been documenting these changes via Strong Foundations surveys and reporting. In the Strong Foundations 2023 survey, SHEEO asked about the numbers of PSURSs existing in states, the types of data elements state postsecondary agencies are collecting, connections of PSURSs and elements to other state agency data systems and state longitudinal data systems (SLDSs), and the value of those data to inform and improve state goals and student outcomes.

Our PSURS is fundamental to understanding the state’s access and attainment goals.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Understanding Strong Foundations 2023:

Explore the Strong Foundations 2023 survey and data through the menu on the left to understand the number of PSURSs existing in each state, what data elements states are collecting, what data are linked to other state agencies, and the K-12 and workforce data elements that are collected by or linked to PSURSs. Through the menu, you can also access the survey instrument and methodology. For reports associated with current and historical Strong Foundations surveys, go here.