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Communities of Practice: Developing Financial Aid Metrics in State Data Systems

Publish Date
January 17, 2020
Eric Godin

The fourth Communities of Practice convening, “Developing Guided Pathways and Financial Aid Metrics in State Data Systems,” was held in Seattle, Washington, in April 2019. The two-day meeting included representatives from 13 states—Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. The state teams selected for this meeting represented a diverse group of systems currently utilizing or seeking to add guided pathways and financial aid metrics to their state data systems. Day One of the convening included presentations from leading scholars about understanding financial aid data, as well as examples of state data systems currently collecting this information and providing it in meaningful ways to consumers (potential students and their families). Day Two focused on guided pathways, the importance of momentum metrics, and using data to support institutional reforms.