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Postsecondary Student Unit Record Systems (PSURSs) by State

In Strong Foundations 2023, SHEEO asked states how many PSURSs exist in their state, where those systems are housed, who oversees them, and how PSURS data are linked and shared with other state agencies. As with prior years, state agencies reported a diversity of approaches to housing and sharing their postsecondary data. Most states (21) have a single PSURS that houses postsecondary data for the state—across institutional types.

The map below represents responses from Strong Foundations 2023 survey participants. Postsecondary data may exist in state agencies beyond those represented.

Our PSURS has provided great value to our state. We use it to inform our KPIs and research projects. It also gives us the opportunity to quickly and accurately respond to legislative requests.

Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education