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Postsecondary Student Unit Record Systems (PSURSs) Data Elements

State agencies are collecting a variety of data elements from a variety of institutional types. In Strong Foundations 2023, SHEEO asked what data elements states collected from the following sectors: two-year, four-year, independent (private non-profit), proprietary (private for-profit), tribal, and other institutions. SHEEO also inquired into the disaggregation of demographic data. For insight into state data disaggregation, see the Evolving Systems, Improving Insights, and Enduring Value report. For more on data elements collected by each state over time, download the Strong Foundations state elements data set.

Our PSURS provides a comprehensive look at student outcomes based on location and student demographic characteristics. This has prompted us to make changes in a variety of services and to better focus resources to where they are needed or to re-envision how students experience college.

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office