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Postsecondary Student Unit Record Systems (PSURSs) Data Linkages by State

As in prior Strong Foundations surveys, results from the 2023 administration indicated the greatest number of connections exist between PSURSs and data systems for labor/workforce and K-12 education. In Strong Foundations 2023, respondents indicated commensurate growth in PSURS data alignment with workforce data systems and with data from technical college systems. While workforce and K-12 connections have steadily risen over the last decade, state agencies also reported increasing connections between PSURSs and data systems associated with health and human services, foster care, and corrections agencies.

Our PSURS has connected K-12, college, and workforce data so we can respond to state-specific questions around the workforce pipeline and has made cross-agency data analysis easier, with less staff time and without the need to constantly create data-sharing agreements.

North Dakota University System